Volunteer Board

In 2008, a group of dedicated Inuit volunteers incorporated the Manitoba Urban Inuit Association (now known as the Manitoba Inuit Association). Since then, we have worked to obtain financial support, connect with Manitoba organizations, conduct research and lay the ground work to start linking Inuit to a range of services that meet the needs of both long-term Inuit residents, and newly arrived Inuit.

Board Members

Wayne Voisey Clark (Acting Board Chair)

Wayne is an Inuit Beneficiary of Nunavut, born in Churchill Manitoba. Wayne is the Past President/Board Chair of Manitoba Inuit Association and volunteer board member since 2011.

Grace Clark (Treasurer)

Grace was born in Nunavut, and is the second child of John & Frances Voisey. Grace lived at Wilson River on her father's trap line for 7 years before moving to Churchill where she grew up and went to school. Grace is now a Nunavut elder, and has resided in Winnipeg for the last 38 years.

Grace has been active as a volunteer and board member since 2011. She is very willing to help in any way possible. Professionally, Grace works as a Retail Manager at Asham Curling Suppliers in Winnipeg over the past 21 years.

Peter Clark - Board Member

Peter is an Inuit Beneficiary from Nunavut and lives in Lorette, Manitoba with his family.

Grace Tookoome - Board Member

Grace is an Inuit Beneficiary of Nunavut and from Baker Lake, Nunavut. She works at the Kivalliq Inuit Center and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She has been a volunteer and active board member since 2016.

Aleatra Sammurok - Youth Board Member

Aleatra is an Inuit Beneficiary of Nunavut, her family from Chesterfield Inlet, Nunavut. Aleatra is a renown and celebrated Inuit throat singer and rooted in her culture and language. She is a proud mother of 4 young children.

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