Who We Are...MIA

Manitoba Inuit Association (MIA) is the representative organization for Inuit living in Manitoba. MIA provides dynamic Inuit-specific programs and services that embody Inuit principles and values, and ensure opportunities to strengthen connections to Inuit culture, language and community while living in urban and rural/remote areas of Manitoba.

Thousands of Inuit come to Manitoba every year for training, health care, advanced education, or to seek further opportunities. Hundreds of Inuit have made Manitoba their permanent home, and every year, the number of Inuit moving South increases.

Reporting to an Inuit Board of Directors, the Manitoba Inuit Association represents Inuit living in Manitoba by providing Inuit-specific services such as:

  • Training, Employment and Education Health and Wellbeing
  • Cultural and Community Connections

MIA Logo:

Embracing both ice and the warmth of the sun the inukshuk represents strength, hope and resilience.

Creating the circle are iglu blocks which embody the organization's solid foundation and welcomes all Inuit to a community gathering space. The sun on the horizon, a reminder of a bright future guided by strong Inuit society values.

Mission, Mandate & Goals


Enhancing the lives of Inuit in Manitoba by promoting Inuit values, community and culture while connecting to services that meet our evolving needs.


Manitoba Inuit Association is the Manitoba non-profit organization representing Inuit residing in Manitoba.


Build a vibrant Manitoba Inuit community by connecting Inuit through activities and initiatives that sustain and build Inuit culture, values and language;

  • Improve education, employment and training outcomes for Inuit in Manitoba;
  • Develop research partnerships that help improve the health status for Inuit in Manitoba;
  • Foster organizational capacity and innovation.
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