The MIA board has long been concerned with the health and wellbeing of long-term Inuit residents, as well as new arrivals.

While no specific funding has been secured by MIA to help tackle the serious and complex health and wellbeing issues facing Inuit in Manitoba, we have prioritized a number of objectives related to health and wellbeing for action:

  • Develop research partnerships that help improve the health status for Inuit in Manitoba
  • Improve access to affordable housing choices for Inuit in Manitoba
  • Improve food security for low or no income Inuit in Manitoba
  • Ensure Inuit households have timely access to seasonal vaccines

As we develop specific programs and activities in health research, assisting Inuit in identifying housing choices and food security initiatives, we will post our progress.

Health Benefits

Being Inuit, you have access to certain health benefits provided by the government. However there are a number of health services that are not insured by provinces and territories. To support Inuit in reaching overall health status that is comparable to other Canadians, Health Canadas Non-Insured Health Benefits provides programs and services when they are not insured elsewhere.

Have you adopted an Inuit child and would like enroll him/her as a beneficiary?

Adopted Inuit Application Form

Have more questions enrolling as a beneficiary? Please see the following webpages for more information


Health Canada


Non-Insured Health Benefits

Health Canada
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Pharmacy/Medical Supplies and Equipment/ Vision
Toll free: 1-800-665-8507 Fax (toll free): 1-800-289-5899
Medical Transportation Toll free: 1-877-983-0911 Fax: (204) 984-7834

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