Student Financial Assistance, Scholarships and Bursaries

There is new funding for Inuit available through provincial and territorial programs. The funding is available to Inuit enrolled under the Nunavut Agreement, regardless of your place of residency or where you are going to school.

Funding will be administered by Inuit land claims organizations in the four regions. If you are applying for financial assistance in the future you can contact your land claims or designated delivery organization for more information about the IPSE application process.

Full contact details are available at

Here are links and information about scholarships/bursaries/awards for post secondary Inuit students. If there are any additional questions please contact or call (204) 774-6848

Scholarships for Inuit! Check out this link!


Scholarship from Nunavut Tunngavik Inc.

Scholarship(s) list from Nunavut Arctic College

-This website contains information that can help students find sources of funding for school and scholarship or bursary links

Winnipeg Metis Association Inc.

(204) 589-4327

Employment/Education Counsellors (Winnipeg)

Jacquie McLeod -

Cathy Buors-

Other Regions of Manitoba

Red River College-Program and Course Catalogue

-Red River College provides access to bursary and scholarship information with different categories including Aboriginal Student Awards

Student Service Centre

(204) 632-2327

Continuing Education

(204) 679-1789

University of Manitoba-Awards Database:

- The University of Manitoba has its own database of awards that lets students pick through the options to find scholarships right for them

- There is a form that Aboriginal students can fill out and once registered, they will be eligible for automatic indigenous specific academic awards and scholarships

o Self Declaration Form

Financial Aid and Awards

(204) 474-7543

The Indigenous Student Centre

Government of Canada:

- The Government of Canada provides a search engine specifically for scholarships and bursaries for aboriginals so students can find ones that apply to them

Manitoba Region

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

365 Hargrave Street

Room 200

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3B 3A3



- This website is a charity that invests in education for indigenous people and distributes financial awards to aboriginal applicants

Bursaries and Scholarships


Mentorship for Students


Online Aboriginal Scholarship Guide:

- This is an online list of scholarships and bursaries available to Aboriginal Students across Canada, there is a Manitoba section provided as well as national scholarships

***Contact information varies from scholarship to scholarship, please read the given information that is attached with the desired scholarship/bursary***

-This website is a search engine that helps students find scholarships that is right for them

University of Winnipeg:

-University of Winnipeg provides a PDF (Aboriginal Student Funding Poster) that generalizes entrance and in-course awards for First Nation, Metis and Inuit students. There is a link for applications and information for the two sections under the title of award

Aboriginal Academic Advisor

Andrea McCluskey

(204) 786-9865

Aboriginal Student Support Officer

Jeff Booth-

(204) 786-9922

Awards and Financial Aid

(204) 779-8946

Manitoba Metis Federation:

Client Intake Application Informaiton:

Scholarship/Bursary Information

- The Manitoba Metis Federation provides post secondary funding if a Client Intake Application form is completed and submitted to the given information on the link provided. The form will be reviewed and a staff member will contact any full time Metis, Non-status Indian and Inuit student for an appointment.

- There is a separate page dedicated to scholarship/bursary information and links for the desired applications. Each application provides information as to how/where/when they must be submitted

Client Intake Application Submission

Mario Gordon -

Metis Employment & Training

Winnipeg: (204) 586-8474

Other Regions


As a part of our mission to help students locate CNA programs in their regional area and educate and assist those who desire to become Certified Nursing Assistants across the country, we are now offering a scholarship to aspiring CNAs.

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