Who We Are...Ikayuqtiit

Ikayuqtiit ("Inuit helping Inuit") is an Inuit-run charity in Manitoba. A grassroots organization established in 2018, guided by Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ): "that which the Inuit have always known to be true." IQ is grounded in the maligait ("the four big laws") that strive, among other things, to maintain balance and harmony in Inuit life.

Ikayuqtiit will endeavor to:

  • Promote health by:
    • Supporting research projects that generate Inuit-specific health care data;
    • Assisting Inuit in Manitoba navigate the health care system; and
    • Providing Inuit language and culture specific health supports not otherwise available in Manitoba.
  • To connect Inuit through activities and initiatives that sustain, invigorate and preserve Inuit traditions culture and language.
  • To advance education by:
    • Supporting Inuit students in their pursuit of post-secondary education and job training programs, with an overall goal of long-term employment;
    • Improving Inuit opportunities in Manitoba by providing employment assistance for Inuit in Manitoba;
    • Supporting the development of an Inuit specific Early Childhood Education program.

Ikayuqtiit Logo:

The logo illustrates three elements coming together as one.

The Inuit traditional mitten shapes meet at the top of the logo as a visual representation of "Inuit helping Inuit". The center element reflects the urban aspect of Ikayuqtiit, the buildings with the positive warm sun central to the logo. The third component is the traditional drum edge, it cradles the logo with its' five waves, representing the
four regions plus urban communities.

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