Cultural and Community Connections

We want to help build our vibrant Manitoba Inuit community by connecting Inuit through activities and initiatives that sustain and build our culture, values and language. These activities are extremely important to Inuit success in Manitoba as we work to support each other in the complex transitions we are facing -- together.

The projects, events and activities we conduct aim to:

  • Increase opportunities for Inuit cultural connections and events to build the Manitoba Inuit community and raise the profile of MIA.
  • Share Inuit knowledge amongst Inuit by conducting specific workshops and activities to build and sustain Inuit culture, language and values.

All members are invited to all MIA events, to celebrate and connect. Become a member today.

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Past Cultural and Community Events

  • Jan

    Family Sunday Arctic Chill Out

    January 26 2020

  • Jan

    Family Sunday Arctic Chill Out

    January 27 2019

  • Apr

    Feast & Inuit Games

    April 14 2018

  • Sep

    Community Gathering

    September 07 2016

  • Feb

    Inuit Family Sunday at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (Annual event in February)

    February 08 2015

    MIA supports the Winnipeg Art Gallery who launches this annual event drawing thousands of Manitobans to the Gallery. Past years have seen MIA support WAG in such activities as Iglu building on the rooftop, and participating in puppet shows (Legend of Kiviuq, 2014) and helping the Inuit community attend and be part of the celebration of the largest Inuit art collection in the world here.

  • Dec

    Inuit community event with Tanya Tagaq

    December 11 2014

    Tanya Tagaq, 2014 Polaris Music award winner performed a special concert along with 3 other local Inuit performers. Together, they created a concert performance for the Inuit community, partners and key stakeholders. This community concert provided an opportunity for Inuit to meet and celebrate our talented Inuit performers together, and foster an environment for young Inuit in Manitoba to continue to work on their traditional throat singing, drum dancing and modern performance art skills.

    Tanya's Poster

  • Dec

    Inuit Holiday Gatherings

    December 11 2014

    Inuit in the Inuit Nunangat always hold celebrations in December of every year - a time for Inuit games, sharing of country food, and an opportunity to spend time together in the darkest time of year. MIA always holds a community-based event in December, that is well attended by both permanent and visiting Inuit. Food, drum dancing, Inuit games and music bring our community together.

  • Nov

    We Were So Far Away: Inuit Experience of Residential Schools in Canada

    November 10 2014 to November 14 2014

    The impact of Residential Schools on Inuit has been profound and long lasting, and much healing is required. MIA co-hosted the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Nursing exhibit and lecture series, ensuring the Inuit community was part of the planning and participation in this important healing journey.

    We were so far away - Poster

  • Jun

    APTN's Aboriginal Day Live & Celebration: The Forks (Annual Event)

    June 21 2014

    MIA has coordinated Inuit participation in this celebration in 2013 and 2014 -- promoted by APTN as a visual narrative of culture and history through arts and performance. MIA coordinated Inuit performances and art displays at the Celebration Village set up at the Forks for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. Each year our participation increases as more Inuit come out every year to be part of the daylong activities in celebration of National Aboriginal Day in Winnipeg.

  • Jan

    Tells a Story Project: Creating Traditional Inuit Wall Hangings: Kivalliq Inuit Centre

    January 06 2014 to March 31 2014

    Elders and youth worked together in a weekly workshop to create tapestries that were used to present a story in the Inuit oral tradition of storytelling. This important project helps keep Inuit culture alive in Winnipeg, and enhances connections between Inuit Elders and youth. “Tells a Story” ensures Inuit youth in Manitoba have an opportunity to practice and maintain important cultural values while learning new skills and connecting to the wider Inuit community to build their confidence and success.

    "There was a fourteen year old Inuk girl who is fostered out to a family in Winnipeg, and wishes to keep in touch with her Inuit heritage and culture who came to do her piece of art work. It was very evident the acceptance that was shown between the young girl and her foster relative. They both enjoyed sewing with us." (Levinia Brown)

  • Oct

    An afternoon at Assiniboine Park Zoo's International Polar Bear Conservation Centre

    October 06 2012

    The Inuit community met at the newly opened International Polar Bear Conservation Centre at the Assiniboine Park Zoo. It featured a potluck feast that included caribou and arctic char followed by a presentation of the documentary film “Return of the Far Fur Country” introduced by an archivist from the Hudson's Bay Archives.

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