Our Mission

Enhancing the lives of Inuit in Manitoba by promoting Inuit values, community and culture while connecting to services that meet our evolving needs.

Goals for 2015-2016

  • To build a vibrant Manitoba Inuit community by connecting Inuit through activities and initiatives that sustain and build Inuit culture, values and language
  • Improve education, employment and training outcomes for Inuit in Manitoba
  • Develop research partnerships that help improve the health status for Inuit in Manitoba
  • Improve housing and food security for Inuit in Manitoba
  • Foster organizational capacity and innovation

Inuit in Manitoba

Thousands of Inuit come to Manitoba every year for training, health care, advanced education, or to seek further opportunities. Hundreds of Inuit have made Manitoba their permanent home, and every year, the number of Inuit moving South increases.

The majority of Inuit in Manitoba are from just north of the Manitoba/Nunavut border in Nunavut's Kivalliq region, although Inuit come from as far away as Labrador in the east to Inuvik in the west. Some of us have lived here our entire lives, while others are more recent arrivals in Manitoba.

"Because Inuit have land based benefits and self-governments. When they move, they may fall through the cracks." Student Respondent, MIA Education Connections Project Report, p. 26

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