Our Need To Connect

Whether we have lived in Manitoba our whole lives, have come here for health care, for school, to see relatives, or to get a job, we want to connect with each other to help keep our culture, our language, and our unique understanding of the world alive and well.

Inuit live all over the city of Winnipeg and in rural Manitoba and it is difficult for Inuit to find each other and connect - an important cultural need for people from small northern communities now living in isolation in larger centres.

Sharing Our Culture with All Manitobans

Inuit living in Manitoba need opportunities to meet other Inuit, support our culture and language, and ensure a positive identity as Inuit for a strong self-sustaining future. We need to connect with other Inuit from both Manitoba and the Inuit homeland (Inuit Nunangat). As Inuit of Manitoba, we are also committed to sharing our culture with all Manitobans through our activities in visual and performance art, Elder teachings, and Inuit traditional knowledge.

Unite Interactive