The Manitoba Inuit Association (MIA) launches new brand/website

June 8, 2015

The Manitoba Inuit Association (MIA) is pleased to present our new corporate brand.  It has been developed in collaboration with our board of directors, staff, community members and associates.  The creation of the stained glass window, incorporating the powerful symbol of the Inukshuk inset with the colours of the Arctic land, seas and sky, has many meanings for MIA.  Various hues of blue representing the snow and ice in the wintertime/ water in the summer and the reds and oranges representing both the Arctic fauna as it springs to life in the summer after a very long cold winter as well as depicting the return of the sun and its gift of long summer days/night in the Arctic.  These elements speak to the resilience of nature and land, as well as its ancestral inhabitants.  

The outer ring of the logo is illustrated with "snow-blocks", which are integral to building an iglu.  This image encapsulates the ingenuity of the Inuit and their adaptation to their harsh, unrelenting environment that in many ways, continues today.  

MIA pays homage to the ingenuity and adaptability of the Inuit both past and present.  As is embodied in the Inukshuk, MIA would like to be that beacon of hope, the safety of the "higher ground" and guide that supports Inuit living in Manitoba.  We recognize Inuit living outside their ancestral homelands are removed from its cultural rootedness, and therefore face challenges in their day to day lives.  This is the southern Inuit experience.  It is the uncertainty of life brought about by relocation to southern urban centres, to access opportunities of post-secondary education, employment, specialized health care services not offered in their homelands and the personal/familial impacts associated with cultural disconnection.  This can be a traumatic experience for many Inuit.  

MIA is here to provide programs and services that create a sense of Inuit community, connection to culture and language and supports in helping  Inuit achieve successful livelihoods in southern urban/rural centres in Manitoba.

MIA's new website embodies our new "look and feel" and is one of our mechanisms for staying connected with Inuit as well as staying connected with our key stakeholders and partners.  It also helps you - the Inuit community-  stay connected with each other!  

So please take a tour through MIA on our new website and tell us what we are doing right and tell us things that we can improve upon.  You can reach us at or call us at 204-774-6848.  

Rachel Dutton
Executive Director


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