Tells a Story Project: Creating Traditional Inuit Wall Hangings: Kivalliq Inuit Centre

January 6, 2014 to March 31, 2014

Elders and youth worked together in a weekly workshop to create tapestries that were used to present a story in the Inuit oral tradition of storytelling. This important project helps keep Inuit culture alive in Winnipeg, and enhances connections between Inuit Elders and youth. “Tells a Story” ensures Inuit youth in Manitoba have an opportunity to practice and maintain important cultural values while learning new skills and connecting to the wider Inuit community to build their confidence and success.

"There was a fourteen year old Inuk girl who is fostered out to a family in Winnipeg, and wishes to keep in touch with her Inuit heritage and culture who came to do her piece of art work. It was very evident the acceptance that was shown between the young girl and her foster relative. They both enjoyed sewing with us." (Levinia Brown)

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